Fat Gripz Sponsorship & Affiliates

Anyone can show and tag @fatgripz in an Instagram post for a chance to be re-posted on our Instagram page (97k followers) and Facebook page (546k followers)

If you have over 50k followers, you can also apply for a paid monthly sponsorship by showing and tagging @fatgripz in Instagram posts (main feed) and sending us a DM with a link to the posts. We will check our stats to see what level of engagement your posts generated and, if we see sufficient engagement, we will consider you for a paid monthly sponsorship.

Also, if you have:

  • 50k - 249k followers: send us a DM for a free pair of Fat Gripz
  • 250k + followers: send us a DM and we will send you a free custom VIP pair of Fat Gripz engraved with your name

(*All benefits offered are subject to our sole discretion)