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  • Build Arm Size & Strength
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Whether You are a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced, Fat Gripz will Help You Get Big Biceps and Forearms Fast

Which Size Should I Buy?

Fat Gripz All Sizes

Buy for where you are at today and then move up.

We understand hand size and grip strength varies greatly from one person to the next. So it's important to start with correct size. As your strength increases, you will graduate to using a larger diameter. The Fat Gripz Pro is best size for most goals and hand sizes. That being said, if you have smaller hands or weak grip strength you may want to consider the Fat Gripz One.

Fat Gripz Cost Less than a Tub of Protein and Will Help You Build Muscle and Strength for a Lifetime

As Seen In:









Fat Gripz Cost Less Than A Tub Of Protein Powder And Will Help You Build Muscle And Strength For A Lifetime

As Seen In:

Tips from the Pros


"The research has shown that using thick-grip implements [Fat Grips] recruits more motor units [muscle fibers] especially in the elbow flexors [biceps and brachialis]. That means training with thicker diameter handles will build bigger, stronger arms."


Trainer of over 400 Olympic athletes, Olympic medalists in 17 different sports and numerous bodybuilders and stars of the NFL and NHL


"Grip strength is critical in CrossFit and Fat Gripz have helped me massively."


CrossFit Champion


"A big limiting factor in CrossFit is your grip strength affecting everything from olympic lifts to pull-ups - do as much axle bar or FatGripz work as possible to fix this."


Olympic weight lifting champion and CrossFit expert


"If your back and legs can dead-lift 700lb, but your grip ends at 300lbs, your dead-lift is 300 lbs. When it comes to strength, you are only as strong as your weakest link and most strength athletes know that fact all too well."


Strength trainer for US SWAT teams


"Fat Gripz are my favorite grip tool - my forearms are on fire when I use them!"


Brazilian JuJitsu World Champion


"Fat Gripz hit every fiber and will blow your arms up like never before."


7x Mr Olympia

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Build Arm Size & Strength

Fat Gripz will help you build bigger, stronger arms. They work by wrapping around barbells, dumbbells, cable attachments, exercise machine handles and resistance bands and increasing their diameter

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Time Tested, With Science

Science has now confirmed what athletes and bodybuilders have known for decades: a thicker diameter bar causes greater muscle activation in arms which leads to incredible muscle size and strength gains

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Train Like the Best

Fat Gripz are used by many: NFL players, champion bodybuilders, Special Forces soldiers, UFC fighters, CrossFit athletes and thousands of people training for increased muscle size and strength

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They Will Never Need Replacing

The result of years of refinement of design and materials, Fat Gripz are made from a military grade compound similar to heavy duty rubber so you will never need to replace them. The bevelled ends ensure that they will even fit the angled E-Z bars. They are the ultimate barbell grips / dumbbells grips / grips for weight lifting / lifting grips / weight grips

Get Bigger Biceps Like the Pros

Mr Olympia Jay Cutler doing barbell curls with Fat Gripz
Physique & Bodybuilding

Using Fat Gripz increases muscle activation throughout the entire arm and whole upper body. Many bodybuilders actually report the biggest size gains in the biceps and triceps after using Fat Gripz, as well as the forearms.

Team Sports
Team Sports

Many pro athletes (football, baseball, rugby, basketball, hockey) are using Fat Gripz now to make themselves stronger and more injury resistant. You will find Fat Gripz in the weight rooms of many major professional, international and university sports teams.

Crossfit athlete Sara Sigmunds deadlifting with Fat Gripz
CrossFit & Functional Strength

The axle bar (thick bar) is a very popular tool with CrossFitters. CrossFitters are training to make their entire body perform at the highest level. Grip training and overall arm strength is a huge part of this which is why Fat Gripz are now very popular with Crossfit athletes.

Larry Wheels

Larry Wheels, world famous power lifter and holder of multiple records has spoken extensively of the use of Fat Gripz for massive muscle and power development.

Olympic weightlifting champion Dmitry Klockov doing deadlifts with Fat Gripz

Many strongman events require competitors to lift very awkward, heavy objects with their hands. Standard barbells and dumbbells simply aren't going to replicate this which is why many strongman competitors are now using Fat Gripz.

Law enforcement military
Law Enforcement & Military

One study showed that the number one factor for success in a violent conflict for secret service agents was weapon retention (a major factor of which is grip strength). Not surprisingly, Fat Gripz are now used by many special forces military and law enforcement officers.

Chin-ups using Fat Gripz for MMA training

Grip strength is essential in MMA. Grapplers need a very powerful grip but standard barbells and dumbbells are too skinny to help them develop the strength in their hands and wrists. Fat Gripz, however, are different. The thicker diameter is much closer to the size of a person's wrist which makes them perfect for developing grip strength for grappling.

Arm-wrestler Geoff Hale using Fat Gripz
Arm Wrestling

It goes without saying that extreme power in the hands, wrists and forearms is a necessity for success in arm wrestling competition. Many top arm wrestlers including Mens World Champion, Geoff "The Haleraiser" Hale, use Fat Gripz.


How Fat Gripz Work

How Fat Gripz Works

Benefits of Using a Thicker Diameter:

  • Activates more muscle fibers meaning more muscle growth from every rep (no more wasted reps!)
  • Increases grip strength, meaning you can use more weight on all exercises (no more weak links!)

You will literally feel Fat Gripz bringing your arms to life and making them grow bigger, faster - even with just a few sets of bicep curls per week!

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